There is nothing more powerful in a believer’s life than prayerfully reading and intentionally applying the Word of God (the Bible) to daily life. To help with this we will be providing a reading plan (downloadable at the link above in blue) that will allow us to go on this journey together. Every Sunday Pastor Matt will preach on a portion of the previous week’s readings.


As you read we encourage you to journal as you go by answering three simple questions that will help deepen your knowledge of Scripture, retain what you’ve read, and incorporate it into your life. Here are the questions…



After you’ve read the assigned chapters for the day, select one chapter, passage, or verse that really stood out to you as meaningful for your daily life. Then write a few sentences on what it was about. You may try reading in different translations, then rewriting the chapter, passage, or verse in your own words.



Using that same chapter, passage, or verse you focused on in the first question, take a minute or to two think about what it really means. One way to answer this question is to think about how you would explain it to a small child or a friend who knows nothing about the Bible.


Again, focusing on the chapter, passage, or verse of the previous questions, prayerfully consider how you might incorporate the reading into your life today. Maybe there is a truth to embrace, a sin to repent of, or an action that should be taken. Try to be as specific as you can be while answering this question.

Here’s a few other tips that will help you accomplish this worthwhile goal…

  • Pick a time of day and for how long you will spend reading and journaling (you’ll probably need a minimum of 15 minutes).
  • Pick a place you will do you your reading, journaling, and praying. A consistent and quite place will help set the tone, allowing you to focus in on the task at hand.
  • Make sure your Bible, journal, writing utensil, and reading plan are easily accessible. A good idea would be to leave them in the same place you’ve chosen to do your reading so you don’t waste time looking for them.
  • Use a good study Bible such as the Zondervan NIV Study Bible, ESV Study Bible, or CSB Study Bible. Each of these cost about $30. If you cannot afford one we will give you one for free!
  • Have a reading partner who can help you be accountable for reaching the goal, discuss what you are reading and learning, and someone you can encourage through this process.
  • Decide now to never beat yourself up for missing one day, but also to never miss two days in a row. If you do get way behind don’t panic and don’t quit! Simply pick up on the reading for the day and come back to read what you missed as you can. You can also download the YouVersion Bible App and listen to Scripture as you drive or exercise! While this isn’t a great way to do you reading, journaling and praying, it is a good way to catch up.

Resources for Reading & Understanding the Bible…