Starting May 29th of 2022, we will move all small groups and the nursery to new locations while our Education Building is being remodeled!

  • Nursery — Prayer Room for Toddlers & Upward Office for Infants (Downstairs of CLC)
  • Pre-K — Mary of Bethany Classroom (Upstairs of CLC)
  • 1st & 2nd — Joy Classroom (Upstairs of CLC)
  • 3rd thru 6th — Men’s Classroom (Upstairs of CLC)
  • Youth — Jacob Classroom (Upstairs of CLC)
  • Young Adults — Esther Classroom (Upstairs of CLC)
  • Couples/Singles — Fellowship Hall (Downstairs of CLC)
  • Men’s — Conference Room (Church Offices/Behind Sanctuary)
  • Women’s — Parlor (Downstairs of CLC)


  • Children I:  1-5 Year Old Children, Education Building (downstairs), Led by Crystal Fudge and Niki Leighton
  • Children II:  Children in 1-2nd Grade, Education Building (downstairs), Led by Alesha Cruz
  • Children III:  Children in 3-6th Grade. Education Building (downstairs), Led by RoseMary Vickery, Amy Boelke and Mark Witte
  • Youth:  Students in 7-12th Grade, Education Building (upstairs), Led by Justin & Erin Fudge and Pauline Torres
  • Adult I:  Young Adult Singles & Couples, 18-early 30’s, Education Building (upstairs), Led by Nathan & Lillie Smith
  • Adult II:  Couples & Singles, 30-50’s, Education Building (upstairs), Led by Kevin & Julie Friesen 
  • Men’s I & II:  Men of All Ages, Christian Life Center (upstairs), Led by Bob Patton and Ron Hyde
  • Women’s I, II, III:  Women of All Ages, Christian Life Center (upstairs), Led by Debbie Witte and Tina Sczepanik.