We are so excited about offering our 4-week “Discipleship Class” for FBC Kenedy kids!
This is available to kids who have recently been baptized or ready to be baptized into the membership of the church.
Because we want to be intentional about discipleship we will work side-by-side with your child as we discover what the Bible tells us about following Christ.
The classes will be held on the following Sundays:
  • May 1st — Knowing I’m a Christian
  • May 15th — Living as a Christian
  • May 22nd — Being Part of a Church Family
  • May 29th — Living On Mission
Classes will last from 2:00–3:15p.m. and will meet in the CLC Fellowship Hall.
If you are interested in having your child participate, you will need to RSVP!
May 1st–Knowing I’m a Christian
During this session we will revisit your child’s decision to follow Christ as well as examine the relationship between the gospel and the evidence it produces in a Christian’s life like the Fruits of the Spirit.They will also learn that habits like prayer, Bible reading, and witnessing aren’t what saves us but are responses of joyful obedience to the gospel.
May 15th–Living as a Christian
During week two your child will learn about the importance of maintaining healthy spiritual disciplines. We will practice sharing the gospel with others and sharing our story of coming to faith in Christ. The children will also identify people in their lives that need to hear the gospel and begin praying for them every night.
May 22nd–Being Part of a Church Family
In this session we will larn what th eBible says about the two ordinances of Christianity: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper and how they are practiced in our church. We will also talk about what it means to be a part of a church and make connections to the ways God has designed people differently to work together as one body.
May 29th–Living On Mission
In session four your child will learn about the importance of living on mission for God and talk about ways our church is involved in missions. We will also learn about grace and mercy and that God has a mission for all of us.